Old School RuneScape® Best Agility Bot 2022 AHK script

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agility script demo

Best AHK Agility Bot Script Old School RuneScape® 2022

Places a colored dot over the next obstacle you need to click for agility to make AHK botting easy.

agility script demo

Dot shows on mark of grace only when you’re on the same rooftop as it.

agility script demo

Fall handling

Highlight food when below X HP and keeps showing until you’re full HP.

agility script demo

Minimap dot guides player back to the start of the course.

agility script demo

Setup instructions

Step 1

Download and run the Runelite plugins and go to the Nom Agility plugin

Runelite custom plugins

Step 2

Set the overlay color to 0xFFEE00

Step 3

Download and install AutoHotkey


Installing with default settings is fine (just keep clicking next)

.ahk text files can then be executed as an AHK script!

install ahk image

Step 4

Download this AHK script


Step 5

Run the AHK script

Press 1 to start

Demo video