Old School RuneScape® Best AHK PK Scripts 2024

Everything included

  • 0% Ban rates
  • 100% safe and virus free
  • Use on unlimited number of computers
  • Auto-scaled & configurable click positions, works on any resolution (NOT FIXED COORDINATES)

List of PK scripts you will get

Old School RuneScape® AHK PK PKING AHK PK Bot Scripts Free Download 2024 Auto Clicker Mobile Sammich

Ban rates

The click locations for all scripts are setup by YOU and so are always unique to you. You can change these at any time during the script.

As the scripts only run for less than a second, 99.9% of your mouse movement is controlled by you.

Considering people can bot hours at a time with no ban, there is no reason to believe AHK scripts are detected.