Old School RuneScape® Best AHK PK Scripts 2023

Everything included

  • 0% Ban rates
  • 100% safe and virus free
  • Use on unlimited number of computers
  • Auto-scaled & configurable click positions, works on any resolution (NOT FIXED COORDINATES)
osrs ahk pk script demo video

Installing AHK

Download and install AHK. Installing with default settings is fine (just keep clicking next)

install ahk image

Cheapest Old School RuneScape® AHK PK PVPING Scripts 2023 Old School

All-in-one PK scripts tool for Windows.

Set and save custom hotkeys and positions so it works with any game client size

ahk scripts for osrs java

Demo videos

Cannot double click to open Windows

Download and run jarfix

JarFix site

Example layouts for other scripts

Dark bow into Throwing axe

example inventory setup for osrs ahk

AGS Gmaul

example inventory setup for osrs ahk 1


Weapon is not speccing/attacking

  • Make sure the weapon you have equipped has a spec bar. You can only 1 tick the gmaul from weapons which have a spec bar.
troubleshooting osrs ahk 1

  • Make sure you are timing the attack correctly The game will not let you switch weapon while you are attacking.

  • Make sure you set the position that overlaps the weapon and the specbar

troubleshooting osrs ahk 2

Script is not clicking where you set

  • Set display scaling to 100% from Display settings

  • Right click Desktop and follow images

troubleshooting osrs ahk 4

troubleshooting osrs ahk 4

Script is clicking other windows

  • Make sure you’re focused on the Runelite window when you set the coordinates and when you press the hotkeys to attack

Script is going to other tabs

  • Make sure you set up hotkeys