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Open source AHK scripts to learn from

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Every click and every delay is randomised to avoid bans!

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AHK Learner Tier

Randomised Advanced Autoclicker Open Source scripts and 15+ AHK resources to learn from!

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AHK Interactive Tutorial

Beginners step by step AHK tutorial with over 40+ questions on various topics including Randomisation, Color Detection, Hotkey usage, Clicking inside an outline and more!

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Easy setup AHK Skilling Bots for OSRS

50+ Undetected Autohotkey Skilling scripts for OSRS®, Mobile/Vanilla/Runelite compatible.

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Best Autoclicker/Macro Recorder

50+ Activities Fully randomised clicking and record playback with break support.

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Runelite plugins

No Setup required Runelite Zulrah Jad/Fight Caves overlays

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Auto AHK Plugins

Color overlays to tell AHK where to click for popular activities Rooftop Agility, GOTR, Pest Control, NMZ, Sorceress Garden, Tithe farm and Power training woodcutting/fishing/mining!

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Best value premade and customisable PK scripts!

PK AHK Scripts 2024

40+ Perfect PVP Autohotkey scripts and hotkeys for OSRS® pking for Pures/Zerks/Meds/Mains/Bridding/NH/Void, every combo you can think of! Open Source AHK Scripts: Instant 2 x Gmaul Spec, 6+ way Gear Switcher, Inventory dropper

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Youtube guides, demos and tutorials

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See my Youtube channel with over 50 videos showcasing my AHK scripts in OSRS, along with free tutorials to write your own high quality AHK scripts. Know what you’re getting is the real deal!

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Is AHK allowed in OSRS?

Historically, we have not given bans for some usage of programmable mouse keys (such as AutoHotKey). If players kept their usage of such software to an acceptable standard, we would not take action against them. This is no longer the case.


However, by using randomised AHK scripts you can avoid detection. If you make the scripts identical to human input there is no way for the game to tell you are using AHK scripts.

Most scripts you will find online are not randomised and so are not safe to use for long periods of time because it will be easy to detect.

What is OSRS AHK?

AHK is short for Autohotkey.

Autohotkey is a flexible and powerful scripting language to automate all aspects of your Windows computer.

A simple usage is to create shortcuts, or hotkeys, to perform actions such as typing a phrase, clicking a point on the screen or opening an application. A single script can do all of these at once!

In OSRS, you can use AHK to automate mundane skilling using smart color detection, timers and randomisation for the best experience.

Can I write my own AHK scripts for OSRS?

Short answer, yes! Autohotkey is a free program to download and use so you can start anytime!

Within minutes, you can be writing your own scripts and saving hours of your time.