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Free AHK scripts to learn from for OSRS

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Beginners step by step AHK tutorial with over 40+ questions on various topics including Randomisation, Color Detection, Hotkey usage and more!

  • Premade scripts
    • 💎NEW💎 Ghostmouse Mouse/Key recorder rewritten in Autohotkey, unlimited recordings and playback!
    • 💎NEW💎 Randomised Garyshood rewritten in Autohotkey
    • Bluestacks Mobile Click Recorder script
    • Anti-log script
    • 1 Tick Pray Flicker
  • Click randomly inside a colored outline
  • Execute commands with a button press
  • Add Humanlike mouse movement to clicks
  • Randomise clicks
  • Randomise sleeps
  • Pick and click colors on the screen
  • Auto send individual keys and sentences
  • Remap one key to another
  • Click in the background for mobile

The best scripts are ones that you write yourself, invest some time in yourself and start mastering AHK today!

OP Auto Clicker written in Autohotkey

op auto clicker ahk

The best auto clicker now truly open sourced!

The original OP AutoClicker is only available as an EXE download with source code that is 8 years outdated!!

Sourceforge download

Random Rectangle Auto clicker

random rectangle auto clicker script video

AHK script download

Ghostmouse Mouse Recorder written in Autohotkey

ghostmouse mouse recorder auto clicker

Records mouse and key strokes

Saves recording as AHK file

AHK script download

Garyshood RSClient Auto clicker written in Autohotkey

garyshood rsclient auto clicker

Clicks a single location at set intervals

AHK script download

How do I use AHK scripts?

Download and install AHK

Installing with default settings is fine (just keep clicking next)

.ahk text files can then be executed as an AHK script!

install ahk image

Instant Gear Switcher/Triple eater PK AHK script

Free AHK PK Gear Switcher Autohotkey script, full source download!

AHK script download

AHK Switcher video - Youtube

Click and Shift Click custom locations

Useful for dropping items and emptying/refilling rune essence pouches

AHK script download

Video - Youtube

BlueStacks Mobile scripts

High alchemy


Sapphire cutting


Resize window to 720p


Coordinates grabber


Auto typer AHK script

Free Autotyper Autohotkey script, full source download!



Is AHK allowed OSRS?

Historically, we have not given bans for some usage of programmable mouse keys (such as AutoHotKey). If players kept their usage of such software to an acceptable standard, we would not take action against them. This is no longer the case.


However, by using randomised AHK scripts you can avoid detection. If you make the scripts identical to human input there is no way for the game to tell you are using AHK scripts.

Most scripts you will find online are not randomised and so are not safe to use for long periods of time because it will be easy to detect.

What is OSRS AHK?

AHK is short for Autohotkey.

Autohotkey is a scripting language that lets you remap keys and mouse clicks and automate clicks and key presses.