Free Discord Autotyper Dank Memer Farm Bot 2024

For Windows Bluestacks only.

  • Run bot in the background while you use your computer
  • Fully randomised delays for keys, lines and group of lines
  • Add clicks for button responses
  • Random phrases to look more human, don’t look like a bot!
  • Breaking system for realism, set 1 minute, 30 minute, 1 hour or longer delays!

Works on any Bluestacks application or Windows Desktop application, the possibilities are limitless!

Discord Autotyper Dank Meme Farm Bot 2024

Free AHK script download

Auto delete message Auto Typer

  • Deletes every line after typing
  • Fully randomised delays for lines and group of lines
Discord Autotyper auto delete

Free AHK script download

Install AHK and Bluestacks

Download and install AHK. Installing with default settings is fine (just keep clicking next)

install ahk image

OP Auto Clicker written in Autohotkey

op auto clicker ahk

The best auto clicker now truly open sourced!

The original OP AutoClicker is only available as an EXE download with source code that is 8 years outdated!!

Sourceforge download

Random Rectangle Auto clicker

random rectangle auto clicker script video

AHK script download

Ghostmouse Mouse Recorder written in Autohotkey

ghostmouse mouse recorder auto clicker

Records mouse and key strokes

Saves recording as AHK file

AHK script download

Garyshood RSClient Auto clicker written in Autohotkey

garyshood rsclient auto clicker

Clicks a single location at set intervals

AHK script download

How do I use AHK scripts?

Download and install AHK

Installing with default settings is fine (just keep clicking next)

.ahk text files can then be executed as an AHK script!

install ahk image

Mouse and Keyboard recorder

Java auto clicker and typer for Windows, Mac and Linux.

  • Replicates your clicks and keyboard presses perfectly
  • Record and playback recordings
  • Randomise click location
  • View your recordings realtime in the debug screen
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