Premium OSRS Mobile AHK Bot

  • 100% Undetected scripts (No unsafe client injection required)
  • Fully randomised with humanlike movements and delays
  • Use on unlimited number of computers
  • Auto-scaled & configurable click positions, works on any resolution (NOT FIXED COORDINATES)

Everything included

mobile thieving script demo

Working bots

  • NEW: NMZ Absorption+Combat Potions 📱
  • Herb cleaning 📱
  • Thieving stalls 📱
  • Fletching bows 📱
  • Stringing bows 📱
  • Fletching darts/bolts 📱
  • Make complete potions 📱
  • Make incomplete potions 📱
  • Smithing at anvil 📱
  • Power mining Any Ore 📱
  • Cutting gems 📱
  • Crafting leather 📱
  • Crafting dragonhide 📱
  • Crafting battlestaves 📱
  • Crafting dragonhide 📱
  • Making jugs of wine 📱
  • Glass blowing for every type 📱
  • High alchemy 📱
  • Teleport 📱

Demo videos

mobile mining script demo

mobile dart script demo

mobile thieving script demo

mobile fletching script demo

mobile herblore script demo

mobile high alchemy script demo

mobile cooking script demo

Tips for Mobile Botting

Do not click the same spot more than once, even for thieving/high alchemy.

Use the same resolution every time, mobile can’t normally be resized.

Botting mobile does not mean 100% ban proof

Add extra delays when using Bluestacks as it might have some slight lag

More tips coming soon

Free scripts

Test background clicking with these scripts!

Background High alching

Resize Bluestacks to 1280x720

Test background click is working


Background click is not working

Restart Bluestacks


Click the home button, then back into the game

restart bluestacks