AHK Tithe Farm Bot OSRS 2024

Everything included

Is this safe to use?

As just an overlay, this plugin is safe to use! This is a developer build of Runelite with a few custom plugins added in. It has been confirmed that developer builds will always be safe to use, otherwise no one could make new plugins!

However all forms of automation carry a risk of getting banned, please read the botting guide for tips on how to avoid bans.

Plays Tithe farm for points to unlock the farmer’s outfit, seed box, herb sack and more!

The minigame is fully instanced so no chance of getting reported or interrupted by other players

Start with 10 or more watering cans

Take seeds and enter minigame

Set number of plots to use

Start AHK script and close sidebar


This Auto AHK plugin adds a color overlay to tell an AHK script where to click to complete Tithe Farm

  • All seeds supported
  • Gricoller’s can supported
  • Fills watering cans from the water barrel