Best Runelite plugin - Zulrah Helper plugin 2024

Overlay to show what prayer to use and where to stand to during each phase.

Everything included

Is this safe to use?

Yes! This is a developer build of Runelite with a few custom plugins added in. It has been confirmed that developer builds will always be safe to use, otherwise no one could make new plugins!

osrs runelite zulrah plugin video


The Zulrah Helper plugin helps with prayers and rotations when fighting Zulrah.

This Runelite plugin tells you where to stand, what phase you’re on and which prayer to use.

  • 100% safe and ban free, zero reported bans
  • Tells you where to stand and what to pray for all phases, no need to think!
  • Indicator when next phase is during the Jad phase
  • Indicates when Zulrah will not attack, turn off your prayer to save money!
  • Recoil indicator - Overlay when your recoil has broken


Jacob Muszynski

Got my first Zulrah and my first jad kill thanks to you. Cheers nom

Damien Sprinkle

installed this yesterday and got my first zulrah kill and firecape. This is working.


You’re not going to get banned for it. I’ve used it for 50 KC. Thanks Nom you’re a legend.


this is so helpful

Demo vid


Is the Zulrah Plugin on Runelite allowed OSRS?

The Zulrah Helper Plugin from Runelite because it was considered too strong.

However, the overlay cannot be detected which is why it had to be requested to be removed rather than detecting and banning users.

To date, no one has been banned using this plugin.


What is the Runelite Zulrah Helper plugin?

This plugin will show you which prayer you have to pray versus the boss Zulrah.

If you do not pray the correct prayer, you will take a lot of damage and most likely lose.

There are also optimal places to stand to reduce damage and maximise damage dealt to Zulrah which the plugin will highlight.

If you lose the fight, you will lose any potions or food you used and also have to spend a lot of time going back to the fight.

This Zulrah Plugin for Runelite solves that problem by making it much easier to complete so you can save time!